7 Ways to Improve Your Mood Today

Bad mood Blues? Let’s face it, none of us want to be around someone who is consistently in a bad mood. It drags us down. What’s worse, is when we are the ones in the moody blues. Dragging others down even when we don’t mean to.

Today’s short post is meant to inspire you with a few quick hints and tips for squashing the negative thinking or glass-half-full mentality that we all face from time to time.

So without delay let’s get to it.

1. Move It

Exercise and movement have always been and will always be a natural mood boost. The body reacts with endorphins and chemicals that just make you feel better. This doesn’t need to be a 5 a.m. interval circuit training til you drip sweat class. Just get out. Go for a walk, move your body and if you can do it outdoors, even better.

2. Adjust the View

Yes friends, keep things in perspective. Often when we are facing something stressful, it seems like a much bigger deal to us, because it directly affects us. Our friend could be going through the exact same scenario and we will downplay it and try to make her feel better and see the optimistic side. We give her the same view we should be giving ourselves.

Some things in life are going to be upsetting and negative. But the length of time we stay rooted in these emotions is up to us. Click To TweetTrue we can’t always change our circumstances, and they may very well hurt and totally suck. But adjust your view, and give yourself a chance to change your perspective enough that you don’t get a hotel in Misery.

Conquer a bad mood. Improve your mood

3. Verbal Vomit

I know that phrase sounds horrible. And if used wrong it will be. I’m not talking about spewing every negative thought you’ve ever had about your work environment on your boss and getting fired. No. I’m talking about finding a trusted source and sharing what’s in your heart.

Remember, a real friend will listen. But this doesn’t mean she is your therapist and always wants to be your negative dumping grounds. Be open to ideas on how to cheer up or change your situation.

If you fear that your negativity will sour your friendship or you just don’t want to share what you are thinking and feeling with someone then try this: Write all of it down. Every single bit of it. Cursing and all. Then you can go back to it a few days later. I would choose to re-read it with a little more clarity and then burn it, releasing yourself from it in theory.

You could also record a video of yourself and rewatch it. FYI, this might suck just a little but also remind you that you may have been overly emotional or reacting without proper perspective to something.

If you can afford it, a counselor or therapist may be useful. Not saying you need to go forever but even a single session just to dump and get a different viewpoint can be helpful.

The purpose of both of these is the same. If we hold things in too long, it's like shoving tums in the Pepsi bottle. You're going to implode at some point Click To Tweet point and these things never happen at an opportune time.

4. Show Some Love

There is some serious power behind doing good for others. It’s healing for the soul. Doing something nice for someone else will help you take the focus off yourself and help you put it on another. When we stop concentrating on ourselves for even just a few hours, it provides a sense of relief. If we are doing something positive or uplifting for another, we get a secondary boost.

This doesn’t have to be buying someone a gift. This can be paying a compliment, baking something for someone, or just raking the yard for an elderly neighbor. Maybe you could go through your massive shoe collection and donate some clothes to a shelter. The list of things we can do for others is nearly endless.

5. Slow Down

Take a day off. Skip work. Cancel the class. Don’t attend the function. Sometimes when life is whirling by at Ferrari speeds, we need to slow it down to a pedal bike pace.

I’m not saying stop. Some people work great under pressure and your goals will not accomplish all by themselves. But we often underestimate how life’s hecticness can play with our emotions and moods affecting our quality. Other people will notice our snippy remarks and exhausted faces before we do. Don’t let that be you.

Learn to recognize when you need a timeout. These aren't just for 3yr olds. Click To Tweet

6. Adopt a Morning Routine

Getting a good start to your day is imperative. Waking up negative and sending the universe bad vibes will only ensure they return to you, tenfold. Pray, meditate, or stretch. Shower, read, or pamper. Take your time making sure you feel good about yourself. Shout some affirmations if you need to. Pet your dog, hug your kids.

Do whatever it is that ensures you leave your house in the best possible state of mind. Carpe diem baby! Click To Tweet

7. Consider the Source

Where does the majority of your negativity come from?

Is it your work. Maybe it’s time to seek new employment opportunities or transfer. Is it your relationship? Perhaps you need to put it higher up on the priority list or evaluate if it’s worthy of your time and effort.

Maybe you need to ditch the tabloids or social media addiction. Do you always feel bad after reading other’s timelines? Start comparing or feeling inadequate. Take a social sabbatical. Don’t ignore the source of your negativity. Address it, snip it, and move on.

I hope this helps and as always, I encourage you to share your methods below. They may inspire someone to seek more positivity in their life today, tomorrow, or beyond.


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