Why Wait for A New Year?

So this is a completely different post from normal. I don’t care about SEO. Not worried about the perfect title. And I probably won’t create a pin or push this post on my socials. This post is entirely for me and my accountability.

The first of the year is a common time for people to set New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve never been a huge fan because I believe anything worth starting is worth starting immediately, not waiting for the not so magical first day of the year. Or those people who stop smoking on the following Monday or start dieting right after the holiday. What??

Why wait. The universe is full of abundance and wants to serve you heaping dishes of the life you want. So put your order in already. Every day is a chance to set your intentions for the best.

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Me and My oldest daughter way up in the mountains at a high lake, making memories and chasing a little solitude.

I put my order in for a few things last year. But I have learned in the past that the law of attraction is not the simple, “Ask, Believe, Receive”, that people make it out to be. There are intention and action involved. There are things required on our behalf to ensure that we don’t confuse our order.

Don’t Confuse Your Miracles

Have you ever played the game telephone as a kid? We would use styrofoam cups or just form a line and start whispering our sentence down the line. By the time it got to the end, rarely was it the original sentence.

For the law of attraction, this can work for or against you. You can refine and improve your order, or confuse and delay it with your negative, self-defeating thoughts.

Before I learned this, I ruined some of my best intentions with doubt and lack of confidence. Even now I still work to perfect this because I have met a few people who are master manifesters and let me tell you, it’s awesome watching people quite literally speak the things, people, and circumstances they want into existence.

Ask and Act

What outsiders don’t realize is that they are not materializing these orders out of thin air. Once they put them out there, they are following up with thoughts, actions, and intention that ensure their success.

One of the most worthless law of attraction pieces of advice I had ever received was to write what I wanted on paper and then stuff it away or burn it and let the universe just do its thing. Forget about it they said. This method doesn’t work. Sure you can’t ruminate and force something to happen. This conveys a sense of lack and therefore messes up the order, but ignoring it completely does the same.

The universe is full of abundance and wants to serve you heaping dishes of the life you want. Click To Tweet

I’ve been neck deep in reading and writing this last year. I manifested my way into a new job, though it took a little longer than I hoped, probably due to my total lack of gratitude in the first half of last year toward the old one. I’ve manifested more money into my life alleviating some of the financial burdens I had the year before. I’ve met a few new people that I planned with intention.

I’ve taken a huge risk personally that has me putting a whole lot of faith in my ability to manifest my own plans, no matter how they may come about. Sometimes the how doesn’t matter. You just have to put yourself and your ideas out there with a leap of faith and belief. This is a whole lot easier to do if you don’t doubt your worthiness or ability.

On the Horizon

As far as holding myself accountable, this month I have taken a lot of time for my children. The holidays are a little strange for us because we don’t have a big family, the only traditions my children know are the ones I am starting for them. They listen to friends talk about big family gatherings and my children can’t relate. So from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I make extra time for them, trying to fill any gaps they might feel.

Explaining my intentions behind my blog can be difficult because it takes time away from them, even though I am blogging to secure more time with them when I can leave a “day job” in the dust. I have talked with them about the benefits of working to support your own dreams and not someone else’s. About freeing up my time to control my own schedule.

So what’s on the near horizon? Working on my newest opt-in. Outlining a three-part course that I may also offer as an ebook down the road. Paying off my student loan as quickly as possible. I am taking some lessons on meditation which is new for me. Learning to work out more effectively with less time. And I am adding things to my vision book (like a vision board but mine is a notebook). I’d really love to manifest a new vacation and possibly a few new items in my wardrobe!

I don’t have a date set for these things as I will let the universe decide how and when I get them but I have figured out that with a grateful attitude and some action, things start appearing a little quicker. I’d love to know what you have in the works right now! Please share below 🙂


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