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You know what I really didn’t like when I started blogging?

All the white lies. I would see headlines like, “Learn How to Drive Loads of Pinterest Traffic for Free.” I would click on the article and they were selling a guide on how you could supposedly draw in loads of traffic for free. The guides however cost anywhere from $30-200.


That is not free in my eyes. And I don’t begrudge people trying to earn money off sharing their expertise. I know that I will offer a digital product in the future.

And if you want your blog to become a full time income that sets you free from your 9-5, you are going to have to make some investments.

But what about the moms, dads, and broke college students who are about to sink every dime into hosting, a web domain, and an email carrier? Those who need a hand getting some simple questions answered? Those who are not in a place of being able to invest more than the bare minimum yet?

These people deserve a chance to succeed too. Without donating a kidney to buy ads and hiring blog consultants to walk them through every aspect or hiccup they might be experiencing.

There were nights when I was up until two or three in the morning searching for answers that I wouldn’t have to pay for. The internet is a vast land that’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in.

I spent over $1000 the first two months on training and seminars that were not all they cracked up to be. And often I was left with more questions than they answered.

So who can I help and what am I offering?

Those who want to start a blog but haven’t made the jump yet out of fears or hesitations. Yep I can help you 🙂 People who desperately want to create a side hustle or turn blogging into a full time income down the road but are on a shoestring budget. Yep I’ll help you too:)

For those of you already six months in, this isn’t really a good fit for you but I would be happy to direct you to some amazing resources depending on your needs. And if you subscribe to my site, I would be more than happy to take a look at your site on the cosmetic end.

Why free?

I have been there. Seriously wanting change. I know how hard it is for those on a tight budget with a big idea and a whole lot of hopes. I remember the day I finally bit the bullet and started my blog. It was one of those days where in my head, I had already punched my boss in the face and quit. Alas I was trapped and didn’t have that option.

I also know how hard it is to not have anyone in your corner. To have family shrug it off like a hobby that will never get you anywhere. To not want to tell your friends until you have “made progress”. Those fears are fairly normal among the bloggers I have spoke to in the past.

My consulting is perfect for those who have not yet started.

If you have just started within the last week and are totally lost, shoot me a message on my contact page and we’ll see if I am a good fit to help you.

So what do I ask of you?

  • Well please sign up on my Let’s Be Friends box so you can get my email updates every few weeks cuz we totally need to be buds ya’ll.
  • Then shoot me an email using my contact page.

You will fill me in about your idea, vision for your blog, and goals. If you aren’t really sure, that’s okay too. We can discuss your strengths and weaknesses and see if blogging is a good fit for you. We will discuss some key components and then I will give you some strategies, tips, and hints to help you. FREE YO!!

Are You Ready to Ditch Mediocre and Crush It?

Once we get your site set up, hopefully through and BlueHost because they are the champs of money making blogs, I will do a personalized check up on your blog. I’ll give you feedback on layout, fonts, widgets, plugins, social icons, Pinterest, and more!

I will be very upfront and honest with you about what you should purchase and what can truly wait until later. These things may be different from what you see on my site or others depending on your ambitions.

We will also cover how to write a legal disclosure page and why you need one on your blog. I will help you craft an excellent about me page (hint: it’s more about your reader than you) and I’ll share with you why I have chosen not to follow a popular trend regarding my about me page.

Is There a Catch?

Yes, it’s free. But I can’t help forever. You won’t stay new and there are other newbies waiting to get some help too.

In total you and I will have roughly 15-20 back and forth communications. Yes I do have to put a cap on it so I can fairly help everyone with some quality! If there is any catch I guess the cap is it. In certain cases we may end up talking on the phone.

This isn’t the norm but I have made exceptions for those who really go above and beyond to become a part of the LuckyLoveLife community. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up in my blogging mastermind group 🙂

If you are blogging in a niche related to mine, you will certainly receive an invite to my tailwind tribe. I also will choose one blogger quarterly to feature a blog post. You can see me featured a few times at The Sway. Those ladies have been so awesome over there.

So what do ya say? Ready to change your financial future? Create a life you love? Be your own boss? Whatever your dream might be, blogging just might be the key to getting you there!




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