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 Remember the hopes and dreams, the things that got us real excited?

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Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She was planning her future and all she would be, do and accomplish in her lifetime. In second grade she wanted to be a rock star, no kids, no husband (ewe) and live in her mansion with her dog Marvin.

In fifth grade, she wanted to be a gymnastics teacher. And in eighth grade, she was settling into her true personality and realized she had a real talent for listening to and helping others.
By her junior year of high school, she had decided she would really like to be a college admissions and scholarship coordinator, despite her parents pushing her to pursue another avenue. She was hoping to continue seeing her high school sweetheart. They were planning to marry after college in their home state of Michigan and have one child.

After thinking it over some more, she suggested they settle on the west coast because of the job opportunities and they had always wanted to be near the ocean. She would also like to volunteer as a part-time swimming coach to fulfill her desire to help the local teen community.
She had a plan to pay off her student loans as she attended school and use scholar
ships for the rest. Early retirement, buy a home, donate to a scholarship fund for underprivileged children and live happily after.

Fast Forward 10 years.

Girl has three kids, thousands in student loans, switched majors halfway through college at the constant nagging of her parents. Now works 60 plus hours a week at an accounting firm less than an hour from where she graduated. Has zero time to volunteer, marriage is hanging in there but lost its passion. 

Over her head in her mortgage and has been to the coast for one vacation in the last decade. Husband is laid off and can’t find steady work. Feels like she barely sees her kids, losing her faith, noticing her physical shape is declining from working so much and working out so little.

On the plus side, she is still with her sweetheart, loves her children, and has a beautiful (albeit) expensive home and nice car. She is in good health but feels a little drained some days.

“That’s what happens to dreams. Life as it always does gets in the way”

Friends, once upon a time happens to all of us. I know when I was younger I had a plan for my life, but like life does, it got in the way. Some of us just got sidetracked. The pace at which we thought we could accomplish our goals was halted to a slow grind. Others of us got totally derailed. We aren’t anywhere close to where we thought we would be at this junction.

What separates those who succeed from those who don’t are the ones who learn to get back on their true path and not let the detours reroute them, indefinitely-xoxo Deanna

Then and Now

I want you to think back to the life you intended for yourself before any outside influences stepped in. Before you were a mom, a wife, an overworked employee, whatever boat you’re in. I am not talking about virtually erasing your children or anything like that. Some of life’s changes are great ones. I’m talking about your life plan and dreams before anyone or anything had expectations of you.

Besides, the road to miracles and amazing moments, the one that leads to you loving your life in a new way, isn’t about starting over. More like re-routing and finding our true north again.

The young woman above had a plan, one she was eager and excited for. One she thought would bring her joy and happiness.


Depending on your current circumstances you may feel emotional. Be honest and as in-depth as possible. What hobbies, career, family goals, and such really put a smile on your face back then? If you had written a movie script about “your ideal life” in your teen years what would it have looked like? 

Are you up for an Amazing Change?


What you just read was part of Day 1 in my Love Your Life Challenge. You can join here. Or read another sneak peek of it right here. Absolutely FREE. I am promoting the heck out of this thing because I know when I participated in a similar challenge years ago, it truly changed my perspective and encouraged me at a time when I was at an all-time low point.

Maybe you aren’t ready for change or your life is perfect the way it is. Chances are you know someone who isn’t living their full potential or someone who is hurting in some areas. Pass the link along to them. I want everyone to realize that each day can be amazing and that we deserve that much and more.

xoxo– Deanna

You’re worthy of a great life. You deserve miracles and good things. You can turn your life into an amazing journey that you love a little more each day.

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