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Hey LLL Readers!

I hope you are all having an amazing week. The weather has been so nice up in my area. So this week I chose to write a much shorter post due to all the behind scenes stuff I have going on in blog land.

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So what exactly have I been up too? Blogging Start

Softball, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, haha on a blogging note…

… I finished my email opt-in. That is exciting for me. I keep reading all about the list and I truly believe I wrote something and created a free product that I myself would have gladly paid for, oh wait, I did exactly that in the past for something similar. Only I attended a weekend leadership seminar and took notes.

I used said notes to structure the outline for my email challenge. For my first opt-in, I’d say I did very well. I created a product that, if utilized from start to finish, should offer some insight and direction in at least one area of any lucky reader’s life.

Also in the midst of giving Tailwind from Pinterest a try. I am not seeing the results from it yet but tons of people swear by it and Pinterest is definitely a platform I need to be on so I’ll stick with it for 90 days and if it doesn’t work for me I’ll try another one like Boardbooster. (update- I have joined Boardbooster and have been super pleased with the results.)

I have been interacting with other bloggers fairly steady and trying to build some meaningful connections in the blogging world that will carry over into personal development.

Been dabbling in Canva and ConvertKit learning my platforms and options. So much data. I haven’t even been able to start opening the videos from ConvertKit Masterclass yet because I am keeping up with my emails, comments, and writing schedule. I blocked out a good chunk of time Thur and Sat to get all caught up if the housework and kids don’t steal it 😉

Learning Curves

On the bums side, I had my first unsubscriber. It happens and I should be thankful that they are not wasting space on my email list. That is prime real estate for engaged and interested people. I guess it’s always a bit of a bummer losing a potential friend or person I could have helped out. Can’t win em’ all.

I am behind schedule on getting my twitter account up and running. I was a little sad that the handle that matches my website is sort of taken. Long story, but anyway, I am shooting for that next week.

(UPDATE: My twitter account is up and gaining traction fast. Who knew? lol)

This week I’d like to get my affiliate accounts all set up and in place. Though my page views aren’t as high as I’d like to see them before monetizing, I’d like to have it done now so I can focus on other things. Plus, you can’t learn if you don’t do, so time to give it a go.

Blogging has some pretty crazy learning curves but it’s been a good ride so far. If you’d like to start your own blog I have a great post with new steps all in place. Check it out!



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