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Blogging-The Crazy Learning Curves

Just Keep Blogging. Hey LLL Readers! I hope you are all having an amazing week. The weather has been so nice up in my area. So this week I chose to write a much shorter post due to all the behind the scenes stuff I have going on in blogland. So what exactly have I been up too?  Softball, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, haha on a blogging note… … I finished my email opt in. That is exciting for me. I keep reading all about the list and I truly…

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Support-Why We Need the Real Deal

Where are the People Who Support Us? Today was opening day of youth softball/baseball in my community. Before leaving for the parade, I was polishing up a post that I intended to publish Monday. After we arrived home today my daughter said something about support that inspired me to write a completely different post. She asked, “Where are all the people who are supposed to be here to watch the parade and support us? Some of my friends had no one mom”. I won’t hesitate to say my heart sank.…

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Free 5 Day Challenge is Here-Love Your Life

Happy Thursday My Lucky Love Life Crew! Okay so I am a little enthusiastic. I am so excited about this 5 day challenge because I like to help people and I participated in something kind of like this back in 2007.  Also wrote about some of the content in my college thesis back in the day! I sincerely hope all of you who sign up get as much out of the exercises and actionable strategies as I did. In fact I hope you get so much more. I honestly believe…

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Sneak Peek-The Negative Nix/Positive Pump Challenge

Today is going to be Awesome. I am Positive of it. Why? Because today is the day I make even more progress toward my goals. A few in particular that I am working extra hard on. I am not worried about tomorrow, a week from now, or a year from now. Just focusing on what steps I can take right now, today, in an effort to contribute to what I am trying to achieve. This fine Monday,  I decided to share a sneak peek at my Negative Nix/Positive Pump challenge…

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4 Myths About Blogs-Month Two

Let’s get real. Blogging weeds out the weak pretty quickly. I wish the internet had a way of erasing all those blogs that have been sitting idle for a year or so untouched. A few million, poof gone. Facebook is kind of the same way. There is more profiles than people. Ten of millions of fake, unused profiles. Like space junk. Sorry small rant 🙂 Blogging can be super rewarding for those with passion, purpose, and some serious desire. For those with whims of ambition followed by groans that things…

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Happy Hour-Reset Your Mindset for Happiness

The Diamond Some days it seems as though happiness is an illusion. No matter what we try, it’s just out of grasp. Like a mirage in the desert. We keep walking toward it, because we know once we get there a happy oasis awaits. Thirst for our dry, parched bodies and souls. I cannot even tell you how many articles I have read that say, “True happiness is found from within…etc”. You know the spiel. Every time I read it, steam emits from my ears. That phrase is not helpful…

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Affirmations and the Self Talk for Success

Self Talk for Success Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t say anything about yourself, that you don’t want to come true?“?  Affirmations, positive or negative take hold. I am a firm believer in the above statement, but that hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when I didn’t really give much thought to the things I said about myself or my life. It wasn’t like I was going around putting myself down on purpose. Nor was I speaking words of self affirmation either. Some children are raised…

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Open to Optimism-The What If’s and Why Not’s

Are you Open to Optimism? “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. -Winston Churchill Think to a movie you’ve seen with the following scene. An angel sits on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are arguing with the character, both trying to persuade their point of view. (Garfield comes to mind haha) While it looks completely nonsensical on television, it’s so accurate of what many of us have put ourselves through so often. One voice says, “What if…

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A Blog In Bloom-Planting Success

Starting Month Two So I am starting my second month of blogging and what an adventure! I kinda compare blogging to gardening. Starting the blog is like planting a seed and all the things you do in the beginning are prepping it for serious growth. My last blogging post had some goals set out for the week that I was hoping to accomplish. I finished a few of those and was distracted by a few other side projects that proved to be equally as productive. So what did I not…

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