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Pros and Cons of Blog Monetization Methods

Sure you can make money blogging. But unless you have some knowledge, you might be bringing in coffee change instead of a steady income. Learn the perks and catches to the most common methods of making money on a blog.


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Why You Should Be Selective Pinning On Pinterest

Why You Should Click Through Most Pins Prior to Pinning. Hey blogging friends. Ahh, Pinning on Pinterest 🙂 What a great platform. However, I have noticed something on Pinterest as of late and thought I should probably share. I am a firm believer in Pinning only...

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Why I Treat Blogging Like College

Blogging- Baffled or Blissful Blogging has some really steep learning curves in the beginning. Like Everest Steep. Depending on our skill level the whole darn idea can be pretty intimidating. But the rewards can be soooo sweet. Domains, Hosting, Email Marketing,...

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Give Your Dreams a Chance To Succeed

Don't Deny Your Dreams a Chance at Success  Remember the hopes and dreams, the things that got us real excited?       Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She was planning her future and all she would be, do and accomplish in her lifetime. In...

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5 Ways to Increase Your Lucky Streak

Are you Lucky? Are things going your way? Like really going your way? Or are you one of the people constantly asking why the odds are stacked against you? Does being lucky seem like something that only happens to other people? Sometimes is seems that only certain...

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How Multi-tasking Can Sabotage Your Progress

Multi-tasking or Distracted? Mom's are notorious for being proud of themselves for their multitasking talents. I used to be one of those moms. Spouse, kids, chores, sports, work, church, fitness, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, when I had the twins I could...

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7 Must Do Things In Kauai, Hawaii

A Dream Vacation In Kauai So in early 2015 I was able to take my four children with me to Kauai. I had been there once before in 2011 and promised them I would take them on the next trip. I saved my booty off and was able to make it happen the week of my birthday in...

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Staying Positive When Life Just Sucks

We all have days when life is just harder than other days. Sometimes weeks or months even. Is it difficult to stay positive when life is squeezing lemonade in your eye? Yep. We have already discussed that being negative is easy and being positive requires a bit more...

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19 Quotes to Make You Smile

Smile 🙂 I have never been one to walk around smiling for no reason so when I do, people are always asking, "What's so funny? Or, What are you up to?". I like to play pranks so I usually get a little chuckle out of the latter. Smiling is one of the greatest ways to...

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Overthinking and 7 Ways to Change It

I believe that overthinking and negativity are like a bad hand of aces and eights. The Odds Overthinking has been an achilles heel for me many times in the past. Maybe it's a girl thing or maybe it was just my thing...nah way too many people engage in overthinking for...

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The Real Cost of Starting a Blog

Some Blog Basics Hey Y'all, Hope everyone is having a great Thursday morning with some awesome weekend plans! I have softball divisionals so I'm hoping it's nice enough for sunscreen. Love the smell of my Austrailian Gold sunscreen.  Tropical Yum 🙂 So you are...

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Blogging-The Crazy Learning Curves

Just Keep Blogging. Hey LLL Readers! I hope you are all having an amazing week. The weather has been so nice up in my area. So this week I chose to write a much shorter post due to all the behind scenes stuff I have going on in blogland. So what exactly have I been up...

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Support-Why We Need the Real Deal

Where are the People Who Support Us? Today was opening day of youth softball/baseball in my community. Before leaving for the parade, I was polishing up a post that I intended to publish Monday. After we arrived home today my daughter said something about support that...

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4 Myths About Blogs-Month Two

Let's get real. Blogging weeds out the weak pretty quickly. I wish the internet had a way of erasing all those blogs that have been sitting idle for a year or so untouched. A few million, poof gone. Facebook is kind of the same way. There are more profiles than...

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