Affirmations Are Not Just Words

When I first heard of affirmations I was a little skeptical but curious. I’m far too smart to write off something as bogus without doing a little investigating first. The power of affirmations in one’s life is an interesting concept.

The thing I found most funny during my initial search was people referring to this as “new age” or “new thought”. Affirmations are far from new. They’ve been around a long time.

At first glance, affirmations may seem like simple words or phrases, but what we are really dealing with is reprogramming a cluttered, defeated mind.

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Will Affirmations Work?

If given enough time and effort, nearly anything works. So let’s rephrase this question to, “How long will it take for affirmations to work for me?”

You need to assess three key components to get an accurate answer.

  1. How much reprogramming is necessary? Were you raised to have ultimate confidence and self-worth or has life kicked you around a bit with very little support. The answer to this very much ties into #2.
  2. Do you have faith and believe you deserve the best that life has to offer? Click here for some Core Confidence.
  3. How consistent are you willing to be with the act of affirmations?

So my short answer is yes affirmations will work, for anyone if you put in the time and consistency.

Positive Affirmations

What Do You Want Affirmations to Do For You?

Let’s elaborate a bit on those three questions I just asked. People reading or seeking advice regarding Law of Attraction, Affirmations, Manifesting, and related notions are seeking improvement.

Some people are seeking huge changes, while others are looking for a little pick-me-up dose of positivity or happiness.

When I first started my research I was looking to undo years of damage. I was raised to have limiting beliefs regarding money. I was taught that I would have to work hard just to get by. That rich people somehow got that way by taking advantage of the poor. Lies and more lies. My mindset was focused on scarcity, and not just about money.

I was taught most relationships fail, friendships fade, and counting on people is risky.

Some of this can come from family influence and some from the cultural influence we are raised in. Let me say for the record, television and news really suck the happy out of good people.

Nature and Nurture both play a part..we”ll get back to that in a few.

These are not the easiest of mindsets to quickly overcome and the first time I tried applying LOA or affirmations I was quickly discouraged because I was naive to how deeply rooted the beliefs I held really were.

Fast forward a few years and I tried again with a new perspective about what I was facing and a strategy on how to do so.

What Do You Deserve?

I’d love to answer this question for you because so many people cut themselves short. But ultimately I can’t because it doesn’t matter what other people think you deserve. You will only attract and maintain what YOU believe with your heart and head.

Pro Tip: When you first start using affirmations it will feel like a lie or at least a half-truth. For instance, a popular money affirmation is: “I am wealthy and money comes to me frequently.”

This is going to feel wrong if your current circumstances are reflecting lack and desperation for funds. But I urge you to stay the course. Try this free journal prompt course to assist you in resetting your thinking.

19 Creative Journal Prompts to Improve Your Mood


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Pro Tip: Affirmations are great if done properly. You shouldn’t mindlessly mumble them. I recommend just listening the first few times and then saying them when you can with some enthusiasm or ounce of belief. Another thing that helps is subliminal messages that you listen to while you sleep. These can help train your brain while you aren’t awake to argue or discredit the words! I listen to affirmations while I drift off to sleep at night.

Ultimately you are trying to retrain your brain to convince yourself that you deserve and can achieve whatever it is you are focusing on. This is why they say don’t focus on lack or what you don’t want but really hone in on what you do.

Never make excuses for why you can’t, or give merit to why it hasn’t arrived yet. That is focusing on the lack. Just wipe the slate clean and start fresh.

Consistency is Key

We don't dig a hole overnight and we aren't going to climb out of it in a day. Click To Tweet

The good news is that years of bad habits, negative bombardment, and self-doubt, does not have to take years to change. This isn’t a day for day exchange.

The mind will always try to convince itself of what it believes to be true. If you have some negative beliefs about yourself, your circumstances will play out scenarios that reflect that. Affirmations are meant to be a starting point to convince the mind of a new way of thinking so that it may start playing out new circumstances. Want some funny inspiration regarding this? Check out this movie. Just My Luck

I have found that no matter how “unlucky” one might find themselves, most people who apply LOA and affirmations with daily effort and belief can turn around decades of garbage in under a year.

Muttering the words alone is not enough. You have to find enthusiasm, faith, and learn to hone your emotions. You will still have bad moments or bad days. The key is not letting them send you into a giving up downward spiral. Stay the course. The links highlighted above will lead to other great articles that give hints and tips on how to start working this into your daily life.

What about you? Have you manifested any greatness into your life recently or do you have any affirmations that set your intentions for the day. I’d love to hear them!


P.S. fun fact: my grandparents 60th anniversary is today!




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