Your Creativeness is a Link in Your Happiness.

Here is something I believe to be true. All people have a desire and ability to be passionate about something. Click To Tweet Creativeness is probably in all of us.

Some people really struggle with finding a creative outlet. They consider themselves to be boring, untalented, and average. Oh, how I wish they knew better.

My children have all asked me at one point what I thought their “gifts” were. They have so many it’s funny they had to ask. Sometimes people do not recognize their own talents or strengths. I hope if you have a friend in that place you’ll offer up some words of encouragement.

Other people, well, they have so many interests, hobbies, talents, and gifts that they struggle to keep a creative outlet going before being distracted by something new. Squirrel!

When I started this blog I thought for a really long time about blog topics because I have a few areas I really enjoy and some I could offer vast amounts of knowledge in. I love fitness. I am a huge movie trivia buff and could read IMBD for hours. Sure I could write a novel on solo parenting. I like travel and the outdoors. And I am super curious to see how my blog fares through the NFL season, as I started this right after the end of the last one. You see football is a distraction for me. Albeit one I love 🙂

At the peak of my decision, I decided to start with the one that would have the greatest impact on my own journey.

Optimism, Positivity, Motivation, Encouragement. We all need these things and in today’s roughed up world we need more of it than ever. These things impact our luck, our love, and our lives every…. single…. day.Creativity, creativeness, success, priorities

Master or Mediocre

Sometimes sifting through your talents, obsessions, and creativeness can be overwhelming. So if you have been feeling all over the place lately I’d like to offer you some tips for honing in and finding some focus.

This doesn’t mean you can’t switch gears down the road. Sometimes when we are lost in the clutter it helps to focus on just one or two talents versus several.

There is a saying that it’s better to be a master at one or two than to be mediocre at everything and I think this applies to our creativeness.

Our quality comes when we focus in on one or two things and offer up some real value. When we reach a peak of thinking we have finished up or can’t contribute any further knowledge or skill set in that area, then it’s okay to find a new focus.

For example, A blogger whips out some killer content and masters photography in her first two years of blogging. She is beginning to feel mundane and needing some new stimulus, so she decides to launch a Youtube channel focusing on a sub-category in her niche writing. She will still blog cutting out only one post per month to make time for her new passion while still giving value to the old. So onto the tips.

Ideas for Honing in on Your Creative Passions.

  • Sometimes it’s tempting to want to do it all. But if you don’t hone in on a few specifics, you’ll get lost in the sea of endless possibilities. The vast array of opportunities will become so overwhelming that you’ll drown. When this becomes too much it’s common for people to lay aside their passions all together and step aside indefinitely. When experts talk about defining your niche, this is why. So think about where you are right now. Are you just starting and need to define your greatest passion? Are you a year or more into something and losing steam? Do you need to figure out a new trigger to ignite your fire? You can always expand a vision down the road but for now, zero in and start small. List all the “to do’s” you’re interested in right now at this very moment and rank them in order of interest. Repeat. Interest, not importance. Your interest level will determine if you produce quality or garbage in any creative outlet. Click To Tweet
  • Share the Love. This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. You can bring joy or hope to others by sharing your experiences, gifts, and talents. Sometimes it’s scary to put ourselves out there for fear of rejection or humiliation but if you are doing what you love, you’ll find others who support and value what you offer.
  • Remember your “why”. Why you started something has a profound effect on whether or not you’ll stick with it. When a day of blogging gets difficult for me I only need to glance over my shoulder. My children are my “why”. I want to be home with them and be in control of my hours and finances. Even creativeness requires commitment. Not everything we love comes easy and some of it requires really hard work. Parents know this to be true with parenting. The same principle applies to our creative endeavors.
  • Create and Renovate. Whatever you decide to hone in on, do it with fun and purpose. You should light up to the idea even if it involves plenty of work. Your drive and desire are going to have to be fueled by your “why” and a strong will to keep it fun. What is great fun now might be mundane in a year. Continue to learn and grow. Try not to make drastic changes or jump ship on something completely. Add new challenges or hit up a trusted source for fresh perspective. This is part of what makes mastermind groups so appealing to companies or bloggers. Getting new ideas can keep things from growing stale.
  • Don’t forget to refuel. I have talked with many business owners who are afraid to step away. They think if they take a break they’ll lose momentum. Or customers will jump ship. Nothing could be further from the truth. You want to lose customers? Try working to the point of burnout and pumping a creative drought that leaves them scratching their heads while they hit unsubscribe. We need time to come up with new ideas and reflections. Time to reevaluate our goals and set new ones.

Make it Matter

At the end of the day, your passions or hobbies should be stimulating enough to be on your priority list. They don’t have to be on the top but they need to be up there.

If you are one of those people who are so busy juggling multiple obligations and trying to squeeze in some of your activities that you enjoy, breathe and stop.

It’s okay to say no to things you aren’t passionate about. You are allowed to narrow down your activities so you can fit in that one class you really love. Need time to write, read, exercise, or anything else? Chances are you are tied up with other “stuff” that isn’t a necessity.

Living our best life is part of staying on our true north. The path that leads us to who we are, what we love, and where we should be. This isn’t about being selfish. For when we stay true to ourselves, it becomes so much easier for others to truly love us, and for us to love them back. Click To Tweet

Living other people’s goals and dreams will make you resentful. Ignoring your own will make you bitter and regretful. This isn’t good for anyone. If you’d like more help defining your True North, I recommend you take my free five-day email challenge to help challenge yourself to an amazing life.



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