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Ok, so I was working on my Start a Blog page most of this week. I had another post about optimism in the works but as I was proofing, I realized it wasn’t getting the full attention it deserved. Needs some tweaking and depth.

Although I focus on motivation, positivity, optimism, and the likes, I suppose looking good and feeling good about yourself on the outside ties into that right?

That said I had been playing around with a summer beauty buys page for my new Twitter account and decided I’d give it a go on my blog too.

I have to admit that I look younger than my actual age. My teen daughter is often asked if we are sisters, although I think that’s a stretch 🙂

There are a few go-to products that I really love. I absolutely love my Artistry Skin Refinishing lotion but that is not in the budget for many gals. In fact, it’s something I run out of and have had to find a backup for when my budget is not as flexible.

Wants vs Needs

I know some women who really spend a lot for beauty products. But when it comes to budget crunching time, beauty products really tend to fall into the wants category more than the needs. That said, there are some amazing products out there that can get you by in a pinch and some of which have become my everyday fav products because they work as well, if not better than their more expensive brand competitors.

So these are genuine products you will find in my house. I refuse to recommend something I have never used and cannot first hand describe my experience with. Click on any of the images to see the current prices.

For the Tan/Skin

What girl doesn’t want a nice golden bronzed hue for summer? Tanning beds are unhealthy and will age you far beyond your years. Spray tans, good ones will run you $35-70 every two weeks, at least in my area.

Affordable alternatives: Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer. $6-8 and a bottle last roughly three weeks. No orange tans here. This product smells nicer than the original Jergens tanning lotion and rubs into wet skin. Pleased, very pleased.

I tried Tan Physics, nice but the bottle only last two weeks with a $30 tag. And you need some sunscreen to prevent age spots and burns. I love almost all Hawaiian Tropic, Austrailian Gold, and Ocean Potion Products. They smell like a vacation 🙂 … on my skin.

For the Hair

Blowouts and Salon Straightening. Ouch, break the bank. I get similar results from these two at home products and would only splurge if I was going to a major life event.

Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. This product is downright amazing. I have blonde highlights and this serum saves my hair. Less shedding, easier to comb through, shine without looking greasy and smells delicious! One bottle lasts me nearly 7 months. Usually in the $15 range and worth every cent. My Conair straight iron outlasted my Baby Bliss by nearly two full years now. Enough said. I truly prefer these ceramic plates but Conair does offer titanium and ionic plates as well in the same price range for those of you with different hair types.

For your Beautiful Eyes

I am uber picky about what I put on my eyes because they are my favorite feature. I was a paid tester for Ipsos a few years back and tried several expensive name brand mascaras. Well, I went back to my trusty favorite. None of them even came close to giving me the volume or color of my Loreal Voluminous in Original Black. *Note: I do not like the waterproof version at all.

I use the castor oil to remove all my eye makeup. It naturally conditions lashes and helps with growth too. Can also be slathered on your hair for some serious shine treatment and will help overplucked brows grow back.

Roc Retinol is not for people with super sensitive skin but I love it. I have some fine lines as to be expected but this is really holding them to just that, fine lines instead of flat-out wrinkles. I have zero intentions of sticking any fillers in my face so this is doing a great job of keeping things looking pretty smooth.

Only the Finest for Your Face

Ok so if you are going to any place where you know you are going to be photographed, then I cannot rave about the first product enough. Garnier 5 Sec Blur. It truly does what it says. Moisturizer, concealer, this product, and then foundation. This product reflects and refracts light to hide imperfections! My makeup looks far better on the days when I use.

Neutrogena Grapefruit Acne Wash is the only product that seems to have conquered my adult acne moments. I don’t use this every day but keep it on hand for when my skin is acting up. Their Hydro Boost is a great moisturizer that outperforms many anti-aging creams on the market. Never too early to think ahead. Always moisturize!

Make it Count

I won’t go into foundations or makeup because it is so dependent on skin tone, texture, etc. I always laugh when people suggest these because it truly is trial and error. And as for shampoo and conditioner, I switch often as my hair tends to get used to a certain kind and then it doesn’t work as well. But Tresemme, Pantene, and John Frieda are my budget favs while S Factor and Nexxus Youth are my splurges.

Beauty buys can get way out of hand if we allow them to. I mean the cost of keeping up acrylics is more than the average cost of a good gym membership. Pick your splurges wisely. You might find some of the less expensive stuff meets your needs even better!

I would love to hear what some of your favorite products are and why you keep them in your beauty arsenal!


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