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Pros and Cons of Blog Monetization Methods

Sure you can make money blogging. But unless you have some knowledge, you might be bringing in coffee change instead of a steady income. Learn the perks and catches to the most common methods of making money on a blog.

Love Your Life 5 Day Challenge

The world can be a negative, draining and exhausting place but it can also be a beautiful, dazzling and awe inspiring place when you live true to yourself and open your eyes to all the wonder. Take this free 5-day challenge and unlock your full potential to living a life you love.

BlueHost-The Blog Host With the Most

BlueHost-Blog Host With A Mission Blogging is a very personal yet public mission. Huh? You heard me. I have talked to hundreds and hundreds of bloggers and I hear the same story from so many of them. They wanted a place to share their creativity and passions. Yet,...

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How to Escape a Crushing Sense of Overwhelm

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? You know those days where you quite literally might have paced a hole in the floor if it were possible? People in this day and age seem to be having many of more of those days than normal. The laundry list of things to do starts to pile up...

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5 Proven Ways for Happier Days

So What Does it Take for Happier Days? I don't think I know anyone who doesn't want more of their days to be filled with happiness. For some, happy days are far and few. Other people aren't necessarily unhappy, just a mild form of going through the daily grind with...

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Can I Create Good Luck-Being Grateful, Lucky

Can I Create Good Luck? One of the most common questions I have received in my e-mails as of late is how to create or pull luck in one's own favor. So first I'd like to talk about a couple of sayings or beliefs that are somewhat accurate but not entirely. The Bible...

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7 Ways to Beat the Bad Mood Blues

Bad mood Blues? Let's face it, none of us want to be around someone who is consistently in a bad mood. It drags us down. What's worse, is when we are the ones in the moody blues. Dragging others down even when we don't mean to. Today's short post is meant to inspire...

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Pressing Into Progress-Blog Life

Progress in Blog Life So just a little update to blogging life. I am making progress and pressing forward each day. I usually post on Monday's and Thursdays. This has become a little more difficult as I adjust to another learning curve in blogging. In the beginning,...

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19 Self-Affirmations to Brighten Your Day

Affirmations have this great way of defining, or rather redefining who we think we can be, therefore when repeated with belief can genuinely alter who we believe ourselves to be. Eventually, this should mold you into a better or best version of yourself. [bctt...

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Regrets or Rewards?-Ditching the Excuses

Dishing Out the Excuses I was running through the list of excuses in my head. All the reasons I should skip my workout class today. I should be home working on my blog post. I had not hit publish the night before because I was too tired to finish editing. So I decided...

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8 Motivating Quotes by a Master Motivator

Motivational Quotes by a Master Motivator You know how some people just inspire others to really get with it? When they speak you feel an itching to start some kind of action toward your goals. Motivational pushes. That's how I feel when I read certain books or listen...

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5 Easy, Effective Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience

*This post may contain affiliate links. Finding Our Blog Audience/Community For a writer, I'm not sure anything stings more than putting vast amounts of efforts into a piece only to hear crickets. We love what we write and want to share it with others. Preferably a...

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5 Successful Benefits of Failure

Successful Failure What? There are successful benefits to failure? Please tell me more. Because when I fail, I feel like anything but a success. And don't give me the Thomas Edison thousand tries to make a light bulb story. I know that he failed hundreds of times...

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9 Movie Ideas For Your Relaxing Night In

*This post contains affiliate links which mean purchases made by you may result in compensation by this site at no additional cost to you. click my disclosure for more info and thanks for your support Sometimes I like to take a sabbatical from the more serious...

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7 Quick, Amazing Ways to Have Positive Days

Have More Positive Days You know what is better than having a good afternoon? Having a great day. You know what's even better than that. Stringing several good days together. Too many people suffer from more bad days than good. The good news is there are some fairly...

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A Happy Kick in the Right Direction-Personal Growth

Are you seeking more happiness? More success? Personal Growth is necessary to accomplish either of these in a lasting fashion. I have been passionate about personal growth most of my life. I think as a child I was desperate to break free of borders and boundaries put...

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Manage Your Reaction to Stress

We all have a certain amount of stress in our life. Some stress is bad and wrecks havoc on our minds and bodies. What stresses out one person may not bother another. Weird how even stress is affected by our personal preferences. But did you know that some stress can...

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