So What Does it Take for Happier Days?

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t want more of their days to be filled with happiness. For some, happy days are far and few. Other people aren’t necessarily unhappy, just a mild form of going through the daily grind with some sprinkles of goodness here and there.

But a small percentage are happier on a pretty consistent basis. We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we’d all like to be in this sliver of the pie chart.

I have a friend who always seems to land on the right side of things no matter the situation. I jump at every opportunity to spend time with them hoping the mojo rubs off in large quantities. And I usually feel happier having spent even a small amount of time around this friend.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?

We all have bad moments and bad days but what if we could reduce those by say, half. Heck, what if the rest of this article were to reduce your bad days by 25%? Would that still be worth it?

If your answer is yes, keep reading.

Happiness is All Around Us-Within Us

Ok skeptics stick with me here for a few paragraphs. People are made up of energy. Everything is. I won’t go all Einstein on you here but the science is proven- tried and true. Because I have faith, I also believe some scripture that supports this science.

What is within us, has the power to become what is around us. So what do you think happens if we dwell on the negative all the time? Our circumstances start to reflect our feelings. And if we are positive as often as possible, well our circumstances tend to show the evidence of that too.

Happy, Happier, Happiness, Luck. Law of Attraction. Positivity

I’m not saying bad things don’t happen to good people or good people are immune to bad days. That’s nonsense. But evidence proves that optimism leads to a better sense of self, better health, and closer, lasting relationships. These traits will lead to happier lives.

What is within us, has the power to become what is around us Click To Tweet

Happiness Around Us Can Be Within Us.

Great news. This works in reverse as well. Let’s say you are having a difficult time mustering up some positive emotions on your own. This is why the experts say to surround yourself with the five people you’d like to be like.

These people can actually give you positive energy. So can good music, good reading selections, and other forms of positive contact and association.

I cannot tell you how crucial it is to your individual happiness to screen your surroundings. They don’t call some people toxic without reason. Toxic people, constant drama, draining lyrics in our music, an overly demanding or demeaning job, etc. All of these things drag down our chances of having happier days. Even a messy house. Yep, all that clutter is negative energy. Control your surroundings.

Will Money Make You Happier?

This is one of those trick questions. We all need a certain amount of money to get by. If you get real about your wants versus your needs, you’ll find nearly all of the first world countries have more than enough to get by.

Most of us want to do better than the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Chances are if you fall into this category, you either need to fire up your goals, live within your means, or change your mindset about money.

I’m guessing a little of all the above. Don’t feel bad. If you are over the age of 25 odds are pretty good you have spent money you shouldn’t have, on something you really didn’t need. Some people carry this habit for many years to come. Others learn to hone it in and spend on what really matters and enhances their lives in a substantial way.

Money is simply another form of energy and if your thoughts and beliefs are always saying money is tight or lacking, it will be. You have to change your attitude to an abundance style in order to draw more funds into your near future. Click on this article to see a quick guide to manifesting money and changing your money mindset. Not the answer to everything but certainly a good start.

Change Your Bedtime Routine.

People have a tendency to let all the worries of the world in just as their heads hit the pillow. Everything from the past, present, and future all invading the precious time we have before we drift off to sleep.

I challenge you to change this.

Pamper yourself. Spoil your skin. Relax with your kids or significant other. When that head does hit your pillow, don’t worry. Do anything but worry. Go to bed happier.

Distract yourself by listening to affirmations, reading a positive, or uplifting book, meditation, or prayer.

Let go. Don’t ruin your good night’s sleep or next days’ energy by flooding them with worries.

Worrying is so counter-productive anyhow. We worry about things we have zero control over or try to control and that’s even worse. It’s okay to not have all the answers.

Stop Planning and Just Do It Already

Yes, bujo people I am talking to you. Spending hours and hours crafting colorful bullets points and making plans. But what do you think transpires or gets accomplished if you spend three hours doodling and only three minutes actually doing?


Your dreams and plans will start to look like a black hole.

As in, life starts to really suck and look dark. Happier you will not be.

I'm all for having a plan but only if you are going to spend real time executing it. Click To Tweet

Take this blog for example. I spent probably a year and a half planning and doing research because I was afraid I would waste my money or fall flat on my face. If I would have just started the dang thing after 30 days or so, my initial goals would be crushed and I’d be setting newer, higher ones already.

Excuses are a dime a dozen but guess what? I want Benjamin’s not dimes. Your actions should support your dreams. No amount of planning will accomplish the doing part. At some point, you just have to jump in.

Be Committed to the Goal and Flexible in the Approach.

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that stay just out of our grasp. So do you give up or buckle down.

Ask yourself if your goal is realistic. If it is, then it’s likely the approach that needs tweaking not the goal itself. Sadly when our self-esteem is beaten we tend to tell ourselves lies.

I don’t deserve this. It’s too difficult. It’s not meant to be. Any of these sound familiar?

If your goal is aligned with your morals, virtues, and dreams then I urge you to stick with it.

But don’t stay in denial. If you have been working your butt off for something for a long time and it has not come to fruition then I urge you to re-access the route to getting there.

Maybe you need a new plan, new mentor, or new attitude. Usually a little of all three with a heavy emphasis on the third will net people a significant change toward achievement. Our attitude and inability to adapt can hold us in a seriously uncomfortable “comfort zone”.

Friends, don’t let this be you. Don’t lie to yourself, and don’t hold yourself back. Adjust and continue the path toward what you want. Settling for less and losing hope is not good for your soul. Happiness is found when we consistently challenge ourselves to reach our aspirations. Continue to learn, change, and love.


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