Gratitude is the Right Attitude.

Have you ever watched a raindrop hit a puddle? A wonderful perfect ripple effect occurs sprawling in all directions simultaneously.

Saying Thank You has much the same effect. Do these two words ever lose their meaning? Only when used with sarcasm.

“Oh look, honey, you left all clothes on the floor for me to pick up. Gee thanks.” Yeah, this isn’t what we are looking for.How Thank You and Gratitude can change your Day.

When used properly, thank you carries some pretty significant meaning.

  • Manners.  Using the phrase thank you not only shows that you have some manners but it will increase the politeness of those around you. Some of the people who should hear it most don’t. For example, a few weeks ago I was at Applebee’s and the waitress was clearing a table full of customers who were done eating but still visiting. They continued visiting barely noticing she was there. I couldn’t help shaking my head because I would always pause to thank someone in her shoes. All people in the service industry should be thanked if they are doing something for you- regardless of whether or not they are compensated for their work. I thanked their waitress for them 😉

  • Likability. Being around negative people who tear others down or complain non-stop is not fun. I am not saying to go around people pleasing. But saying thank you when given the chance makes people a little extra likable. We all like to be noticed and appreciated for the big and little things we say or do for others. It isn’t always necessary but when it happens it is always appreciated. Next time a friend calls you instead of sending a short text, say thanks. Thank you for thinking of me or for taking the time to phone me up. Gratitude also opens doors to more relationships and opportunities to meet others. Everyone wants to introduce and brag about their “good” friends.

  • Self-Appreciating Asset. Using the words thank you is like increasing your value in all your relationships. At work, you can use these words to boost the confidence of your fellow employees or boss. At school, these words increase your value as a teammate and improve morale. In a family, it teaches children that even though they may be small, their contributions and efforts are on a level playing field. And your friendships flourish when you go out of your way to spread thanks. The more you do it, the greater value people see in having you around.

  • Rock Solid Romance. By now it shouldn’t be a secret that the little things help make and break relationships. In the beginning of a relationship, we often overlook things and only notice the best attributes of our partners. As time wears on, the annoyances show up and we often start neglecting to be thankful on a regular basis. We come to expect more while doing less. This is why so many couples stop dating and settle into the mundane chores of day to day life. Big Mistake! Always notice and be thankful for the little things. “Honey you look amazing tonight. I love that dress and thanks for dressing up for me.”  “Hey, babe. Thanks for helping fold the laundry tonight so I could get an early start on dinner. Maybe we’ll have a few extra minutes to just hang out this evening.” Yep, these things go a loooonng ways.

  • Boost your self-worth. When people are grateful in general, life becomes more positive. You start to see yourself as a positive person and notice that you ARE a good friend. You ARE adding value to others. When saying thanks becomes a regular occurrence, others will say nice things about you and your character and this just adds more worth. Just as you saying it to your employees or coworkers will increase their confidence, knowing you use it regularly will increase yours!

  • Improved Health. Both physical and mental. Dozens of studies have proven that grateful, thankful people work out more and make better decisions regarding their eating and lifestyle habits. Practicing gratitude on a regular long-term basis can cancel out some harshly negative thinking and emotions. Evidence suggests that those who say thank you or make gratitude lists on a regular basis show more empathy toward others and are less likely to anger at the little things. Less stress is related to healthier body weight and acceptance of body image. Grateful people are reported to get better sleep..which is also linked to lower cortisol levels that are responsible for belly fat.

  • The Ripple Effect. Call it Law of Attraction or anything else you’d like. Being thankful will yield more things to be thankful for. Like attracts like. Gratitude attracts gratitude. When you make a real effort at being thankful, the results will come back to you. Not always in the same way you delivered but it will return and usually in abundance. When life starts to treat you pretty good, it’s hard not to create a ripple effect that affects those around you. I think we all know someone that everyone seems to like being around. How would you like to be the person everyone likes to be around?

Being positive and thankful is attractive. There are certain traits that EVERYONE wants in a friend, co-worker, spouse, child, etc. Being thankful shows that you are a worthwhile person to be around.

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