Motivational Quotes by a Master Motivator

You know how some people just inspire others to really get with it? When they speak you feel an itching to start some kind of action toward your goals. Motivational pushes.

That’s how I feel when I read certain books or listen to some speakers on stage.

Their energy is contagious. John Maxwell, Alan Cohen, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins. Yeah, these guys are motivational masters. Anyone who says otherwise probably has not seen them live.

You walk in feeling a little kicked around and defeated by life. You walk out feeling ready to kick butt and take names. Funny how a little motivation and a plan can inflate our sense of purpose again.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite quotes by Anthony Robbins. The guy isn’t a magician but people sure feel the magic when he is on stage. And they leave his seminars with a renewed sense of motivation that drives them forward.

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I think what I got from this is that if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Don’t give up on your dreams if your original plan isn’t working out. Make a new plan, and another, and another, until you reach your goals.

Motivational Quotes

So what about those goals and dreams? If you haven’t achieved them yet, have you reviewed your plan? Don’t keep doing the same thing on repeat with zero results. If you aren’t getting the desired result, evaluate the goal and hash out a new plan. If you can’t think of one, get help, don’t give up.

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How very true this is. If you are doing something, you are getting a result. If it isn’t the result you want, change the method. You haven’t failed, only discovered what didn’t work as well. This is part of trial and error. This is also how some other discoveries are made by sheer accident.

As a blogger, how would I know the best methods for driving traffic or earning an income if I do not try many? What if I settle on one that is kinda, sorta, working only to miss out on the one that truly brings financial freedom. Keep on keepin on!

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Ever sit on the fence. Yeah me neither smh in disbelief. Lack of action stings far more than doing something that maybe won’t work. Who knows maybe it would have? And the regret just piles from there. Make sure you don’t squander your good ideas away. If you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea but are intrigued by it, you should try it all the same. No, I’m not referring to that extra hot salsa that will def give you heartburn.

Motivation. Motivational Quotes


Some people are too fickle. They give up at the slightest roadblock. Very few great achievements are reached without a commitment to trying method after method to reach the ultimate plan that will drive you to success. Stick with what matters to you!

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I have said it before and I will say it again, you spend a lot of time in your own head so you’d better make darn sure you are as nice to yourself as possible!

Doubting yourself is one of the fastest ways to truly failing and regretting a huge portion of your life. As some genius once said, “you’ll hit 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Not a stat you want to have my friends. The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

Most of us are so much more awesome and amazing than we give ourselves credit for. Click To Tweet

Are some of these quotes slightly redundant? I hope so. Because apparently, the human race has to see something seven times before it begins to sink in and stick. Slow learners sometimes.

Take this free challenge to set your head straight and figure out if you are being true to who you really want to be.

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I don’t know about you but I’d much rather commit to something out of inspiration than out of desperation. If we reach the latter, then that whole lack of trying new things, methods, or making a decision comes into play. Getting backed into a corner might force you to make some changes but it rarely brings out the best in our behavior or attitude.

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.- Anthony Robbins. Click To Tweet

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Take control of your consistent emotions and begin to consciously and deliberately reshape your daily experience of life.- Anthony Robbins.

Do they really ask better questions. Yes, and no. Sometimes they simply keep asking questions until they find the right answer. But sometimes they really do ask better questions.

What are better questions? The ones that consistently evaluate strategy. The questions that aren’t focused on satisfying a bottom line, but your well being and happiness. The ones that keep you growing and learning.

You want to read and see for yourself how even a motivational speaker grows and changes. Check out these two books by Mr. Robbins himself. The first was published several years ago and continues to be a best seller on Amazon. The second, recently released is gaining steam.

Fifteen years ago I was thinking, “this guy is on top of his game.” Then I read his new book and thought, “Wow, even the motivational master himself continues to grow, change, and challenge himself.” No wonder he keeps selling out arenas all over the world.

His books are amazing motivators. His quotes are short reminders, cliff-notes if you will, to keep some focus on our dreams. Can’t say that isn’t a good way to spend a life. Motivating others to reach their potential!

I actually have one of these quotes posted next to my computer. Blogging and becoming a location independent worker is an aspiration of mine. I’d love to know what quotes inspire and motivate you.

Please share your motivational quotes below. One of the above or entirely one your own!


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