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7 Must Do Things In Kauai, Hawaii

A Dream Vacation In Kauai So in early 2015 I was able to take my four children with me to Kauai. I had been there once before in 2011 and promised them I would take them on the next trip. I saved my booty off and was able to make it happen the week of my birthday in Feb of 2015. We had so much fun. My kids are still talking about it almost weekly. While we’d all love to go back but there are some other places on our…

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19 Quotes to Make You Smile

Smile 🙂 I have never been one to walk around smiling for no reason so when I do, people are always asking, “What’s so funny? Or, What are you up to?”. I like to play pranks so I usually get a little chuckle out of the latter. Smiling is one of the greatest ways to put yourself in a good mood. One of those, fake it til it’s real kind of things. So when I am feeling like I need to force a smile because my day isn’t going the…

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Overthinking and 7 Ways to Change It

I believe that overthinking and negativity are like a bad hand of aces and eights. The Odds Overthinking has been an achilles heel for me many times in the past. Maybe it’s a girl thing or maybe it was just my thing…nah way to many people engage in overthinking for it to be just me 🙂 People like to be in control and most of life cannot be controlled. Trust me, if I could choose the weather I wouldn’t have spent half this softball season bundled up next to my…

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Support-Why We Need the Real Deal

Where are the People Who Support Us? Today was opening day of youth softball/baseball in my community. Before leaving for the parade, I was polishing up a post that I intended to publish Monday. After we arrived home today my daughter said something about support that inspired me to write a completely different post. She asked, “Where are all the people who are supposed to be here to watch the parade and support us? Some of my friends had no one mom”. I won’t hesitate to say my heart sank.…

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Free 5 Day Challenge is Here-Love Your Life

Happy Thursday My Lucky Love Life Crew! Okay so I am a little enthusiastic. I am so excited about this 5 day challenge because I like to help people and I participated in something kind of like this back in 2007.  Also wrote about some of the content in my college thesis back in the day! I sincerely hope all of you who sign up get as much out of the exercises and actionable strategies as I did. In fact I hope you get so much more. I honestly believe…

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Happy Hour-Reset Your Mindset for Happiness

The Diamond Some days it seems as though happiness is an illusion. No matter what we try, it’s just out of grasp. Like a mirage in the desert. We keep walking toward it, because we know once we get there a happy oasis awaits. Thirst for our dry, parched bodies and souls. I cannot even tell you how many articles I have read that say, “True happiness is found from within…etc”. You know the spiel. Every time I read it, steam emits from my ears. That phrase is not helpful…

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Open to Optimism-The What If’s and Why Not’s

Are you Open to Optimism? “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. -Winston Churchill Think to a movie you’ve seen with the following scene. An angel sits on one shoulder and a devil on the other. They are arguing with the character, both trying to persuade their point of view. (Garfield comes to mind haha) While it looks completely nonsensical on television, it’s so accurate of what many of us have put ourselves through so often. One voice says, “What if…

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15 Traits of Great Friends

Most people are lucky to have a handful of serious, there through thick and thin, weather any kind of storm friends. The traits that make the difference between a casual friend and a best friend depend on what the recipient values. There isn’t anything wrong with casual buddies and many of you probably have 300 or so on FaceBook. But we also need a duo or trio of really reliable people we can turn to when the going gets tough. The natural tendency when people read a list like this…

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Happiness Hunting-Stop Faking, Start Making

Is it even possible? I sit across from a good friend at a local restaurant. As we sip our drinks I candidly ask, if genuine happiness is only an illusion? His life seemed to be in good order and I hoped he would offer some great insights. Some inkling of advice that would propel me to continue putting one foot in front of the other. But not in the hamster wheel that I had been on. At the time my life was upside down, inside out, and backwards. Just about…

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