Manifesting and the Law of Attraction

Today’s post is going to be short and to the point, because if you’ve read my last two articles or have just recently stumbled into the LOA possibilities, chances are high that you’d like to start seeing results pretty quickly. Manifesting is one of the first things you’ll want to work on to help the Law work in your favor. But if you haven’t read the LOA basics yet please click here to check out parts one and two.

This beginning phase can be a doozy because most people will give up if they do not see results within the first month. They will resort to telling their friends that the law of attraction is garbage or doesn’t work.

Pro Tip: This doubting attitude will ensure that the law continues to work negatively instead of positively in your life. Remember, the law is always in motion whether you believe in it or not, so best to be optimistic.

Practice On the Little Stuff

What you’ll need first is a low emotional investment item. Too many people watch the Secret and think they can just slap on a smile and try to manifest a big fancy house, new car, or super hot spouse. This doesn’t work because the person is overly emotional about the goal. It’s likely something they feel they have been lacking or wanting so bad for so long that the feeling surrounding the goal is too strong to manage successfully at this point.

Learn to Manifest

Baby steps people.

You have to practice this before you’ll get good at it. I don’t mean it will take forever before you can manifest really big goals. This all depends on you and how much practice you put in. It also depends on how emotionally secure you are. Those who can easily improve their emotions no matter what the circumstances are likely to begin manifesting sooner. If you are someone who struggles to control your emotions when life gets tough, don’t give up, strive to improve.

If you are someone who struggles to control your emotions when life gets tough, don't give up, strive to improve. Click To Tweet

Ok, so baby step one.

Pick a low emotional investment item that is out of the ordinary. This means you can’t practice on the $4 coffee drink that you buy once a week already. Nor can you practice on your son winning his soccer game if their team is 10-2 for the season. No, you can’t choose a song from the top 40 that is likely to play on the radio ten times a day.

Your practice item should be something that would make you feel good since your emotions would play into how well you manifest. But it also needs to be something rare enough that if you were to get it, you would know it was because you had successfully manifested it. Keep in mind, sometimes you don’t have to choose an item to get, it could be simply something you see or hear.

A short list of ideas might be: an invite, a flower, a movie on television you haven’t seen in ages, finding $5, a day out of town, lunch with an old friend, a basket of puppies, a free day of babysitting, etc.

Once You Pick Your Item, Imagine It.

Immerse yourself in how it would feel to receive or see your item. Hopefully, you are smiling and feeling that light rush of giddy that we sometimes get when we are excited. If it was a specific food or restaurant, how does it taste and smell? Close your eyes and imagine it. If you chose a material object how does it feel to have it in your hands? Take a full minute or two twice a day to let this “imagining” take place.

In simple, this is the act of manifesting. You are “acting as if” it is already present. This induces positive emotions that should propel your goal toward you faster. The key is to not give up or get discouraged while waiting. If you are perceptive, little signs should start showing up.

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Let’s say you chose the movie on television. We’ll use the example of 16 Candles. You picture it, you laugh, smile, remember a few lines and go about your day. You do this each morning and if you really want to practice you do it at night too. A few days later you open a junk drawer and find some candles. The next day you drive past a billboard that has a giant cake covered in candles. The following week you see a DVD with Molly Ringwald on the cover. About a week later you notice a television commercial for a weekend of John Hughes movies, and bam just like that, the movie you were thinking of is lined up on a Sunday marathon of old 80’s classics.

This induces positive emotions that should propel your goal toward you faster. The key is to not give up or get discouraged while waiting. Click To Tweet

Relax and Let Manifesting Do Its Thing

These little seemingly, unrelated occurrences happen all the time. Most people are tuned out to them. Guess what? Really lucky people not only tune in, they make the most of these strings of opportunities cashing out in all areas of life. They know that this isn’t random coincidences, but rather a result of their ability to manifest and believe in the process. Once like starts attracting like, the wind just seems to lift them up.

The opposite can also occur which is why people use the phrase, “when it rains, it pours”. Because negative attracts more negative and focusing on it gives it avalanche power. Don’t be that person. Focus on the good and keep an eye out for little signs. You shouldn’t be actively searching for these, as that conveys a sense of lack, but when a sign shows up, don’t write it off as coincidence. Most people see signs in one to two weeks and can manifest within a month.

As you continue to practice on low emotional items you’ll get better. When you are manifesting smaller items on a weekly basis, you may be ready to move on to more important things. Right now, I’d love to manifest me some concert tickets lol!

Shoot me your ideas of what you’d like to manifest!






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