Are you seeking more happiness? More success? Personal Growth is necessary to accomplish either of these in a lasting fashion.

I have been passionate about personal growth most of my life. I think as a child I was desperate to break free of borders and boundaries put up by others.  After crushing those, at least by societies standards, I was tasked with a new set of challenges.

Enter adulthood. Or that really awkward stage between youth and adulthood.

And around and around goes the merry-go-round we call life.

Personal Growth comes with a wide net of explanations. What one person considers exponential growth, another may consider baby steps. And that’s okay.

The skeleton key that unlocks so many doors is continuing to grow, learn, believe, and achieve. Click To Tweet

Why Improve?

The thing is, they say wisdom comes with age, but I have seen plenty of old people that are not so wise after all. People who became so stuck in their ways and stubborn, they’ve created their own miserable, struggling existence.

We are not meant for daily torture, chronic stress or depression. We are supposed to have miracles and blissful moments on a regular basis with only scattered storms here and there.

Don’t develop what John Maxwell refers to as “someday sickness”.  You can be making daily decisions to improve, grow, learn and succeed. People with someday sickness say, “Maybe next week, or when this falls into place, or if only this happens first”.

Success and Happiness are not one time strike it rich opportunities. They are daily tasks and mindset decisions that we have to commit a little something to on a regular basis.

Now sometimes habits can be great. Exercise, meditation, prayer, healthy social interaction. These can be a great foundation for happiness and success. But to grow and continue to feel and value these traits, change is necessary.

You’ve likely heard it before and I’ll repeat it here. Those who have accomplished great works are those who kept going just a little longer than the guys who quit. Do you have any idea how long Tony Hawk worked on his tricks? The tricks naysayers said couldn’t possibly be done. But yet, after he accomplished the “impossible”, several more skaters went on to do the same. And he was able to stay successful and satisfied in his career and life because he never stopped challenging himself.

Neither should you.

Personal growth and change. How it ties into Happiness and Success

Growth is a Choice

I think true wisdom and personal growth are achieved when one dedicates themselves to continual learning and growth. You have to be intentional.

Most people will fight change if it affects them personally. But one cannot grow and continually live in new experiences if they stay in their uncomfortable “comfort zone”. Nearly all people have the ability to change and grow, but many do not possess the desire. Personal growth requires a commitment.

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Ben Franklin said it in these words. “Be not afraid of growing too slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”

What Happens When We Don’t Grow?

You become stuck.

  • In a relationship or friendship, you don’t belong in
  • A town or community that doesn’t meet your standards
  • A job that keeps you feeling low, or inadequate
  • A home or neighborhood you do not like
  • Activities that feel more like obligations than opportunities
  • Looks or body image that’s blah

You become resentful

  • Jealous or intimidated by other people’s success
  • Depressed or anxious when circumstances are better for others than yourself
  • Blaming and negative about life events
  • Gossiping or putting down how others have been able to succeed when you have not
  • Develop a giving up or why bother attitude
  • Trudge through every day just going through the motions

You Hurt

  • Saddened by goals that feel long gone (start to address that here)
  • Hopeless that circumstances can or will change
  • Withdraw from others because you compare yourself to them seeing only their success. Lacking core confidence. More on that here.
  • Give up on trying new things or meeting new people
  • Often damage relationships and friendships unintentionally because of the constant negative attitude
  • You have more regrets than accomplishments

These are just some of the symptoms of staleness or lack of growth in one’s life. So what does one do to continue to grow?

Be Teachable

Some people are naturally gifted or talented in certain areas. They easily grow and succeed. The problem arises if they start thinking they know it all and can’t learn from others. Sure they may look up to someone very far ahead of them, but did you know you can learn a great deal working with those just behind you. Because if you are humble, you can teach what you have learned to others and make a real difference in their lives. Helping others will always help you to grow and learn more about yourself. Click To Tweet

Being teachable is an attitude. Sometimes you have to unlearn something and learn it again to learn it even better. This is how you go from good to great.

Engage in life. The more you put yourself out there for opportunities and meeting people, the more opportunity seems to show up. I firmly believe this is why the rich usually get richer. They consistently put themselves in new opportunities to meet people and gain new experiences. The universe serves them back with a healthy dose of success.

Learning should be a lifelong pursuit. How many books have you read since you graduated high school? How about college. Many people answer very few. Now is your reading only fictional fantasy, or have you included something to stretch your learning curve?

Take new classes. Enjoy learning things you’ve always wanted to do. You’re not too old, too broke, too anything to learn anything unless you are too stubborn.

Value People

Small confession. I went through a period of mistrust and hurt that had me pretty-much hating anyone that didn’t have four legs and paws. I built a huge bubble thinking I was protecting myself.

Yeah, not so much. Stale, lonely, and miserable are the only things you’ll get from cutting yourself off from people. We need communication and relationships. Humans are social creatures. Even the ones who think they don’t need some interaction and love:)

Never stop listening. When a person becomes the one doing all the talking, they stop learning. The best professors engage with their students in two way communication. This is true for coaches, bosses, co-workers, etc.

Seek people who can help you grow. Don’t go to your neighbor for investing advice if he’s unemployed and broke. While you may be able to learn some things from him, investing isn’t one of them. You should always be seeking people who can help you grow and whom you can help grow in return.

Love people for who they are.

We are all unique in some way. Recognize people’s strengths and learn from those. Allow other’s to learn from yours if they seek you out. Teaching others is often one way people learn much more about themselves and who they really are. It’s very rewarding to help someone else succeed or learn something they may not have learned without you.

What’s Your Strategy?

Yeah, so I am going to shorten this up a bit because I could write a full chapter or three on this subject.

As I said before, there is no perfect way to grow that fits all. There are many ways that work for the majority such as,

  • Reading
  • Taking classes that interest you
  • Putting yourself around successful people you admire
  • Investing in yourself
  • Teaching others (we all have skills, I swear you really do)
  • Letting go of the past
  • Waking up earlier
  • Travel (This will grow you in so many ways if you are culturally curious)

I encourage you to step out and grow. If you are feeling stuck or stale in life, flat unhappy even please hop over and take my free email challenge to help you identify any roadblocks and create a new plan for loving your life full throttle.

Please share your ideas and tips for what has helped you grow both personally and professionally in the past or present.


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