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How Multi-tasking Can Sabotage Your Progress

Multi-tasking or Distracted? Mom’s are notorious for being proud of themselves for their multi-tasking talents. I used to be one of those moms. Spouse, kids, chores, sports, work, church, fitness, and the list goes on and on. Seriously, when I had the twins I could feed one while helping my four year old build a popsicle stick house. I could do the dishes by hand while lulling one to sleep and I could clean my house in under an hour while they napped. All this while chasing their two barely…

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How to Make Multiple Pinterest Images for Same Article

Pinterest Images Pinterest is a powerhouse for anyone wanting to grow a blog. Images on pinterest should be clear, relevant and pinnable. But when you are first starting out, how do you know what your readers or ideal audience will pin and share versus what they won’t? Well you can create more than one pin for the same article. For those who are brand newish to blogging let me explain. You don’t have to put all of these images into your post. I normally only include one or two images…

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The Real Cost of Starting a Blog

Some Blog Basics Hey Y’all, Hope everyone is having a great Thursday morning with some awesome weekend plans! I have softball divisionals so I’m hoping it’s nice enough for sunscreen. Love the smell of my Austrailian Gold sunscreen.  Tropical Yum 🙂 So you are thinking about starting a blog or perhaps you have just launched one recently? If you are mulling it over please read 9 things I did before starting a blog. Just a quick read to help you make a decision. And my 4 myths about blogging helps people leap over some…

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Blogging-The Crazy Learning Curves

Just Keep Blogging. Hey LLL Readers! I hope you are all having an amazing week. The weather has been so nice up in my area. So this week I chose to write a much shorter post due to all the behind the scenes stuff I have going on in blogland. So what exactly have I been up too?  Softball, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, haha on a blogging note… … I finished my email opt in. That is exciting for me. I keep reading all about the list and I truly…

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4 Myths About Blogs-Month Two

Let’s get real. Blogging weeds out the weak pretty quickly. I wish the internet had a way of erasing all those blogs that have been sitting idle for a year or so untouched. A few million, poof gone. Facebook is kind of the same way. There is more profiles than people. Ten of millions of fake, unused profiles. Like space junk. Sorry small rant 🙂 Blogging can be super rewarding for those with passion, purpose, and some serious desire. For those with whims of ambition followed by groans that things…

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A Blog In Bloom-Planting Success

Starting Month Two So I am starting my second month of blogging and what an adventure! I kinda compare blogging to gardening. Starting the blog is like planting a seed and all the things you do in the beginning are prepping it for serious growth. My last blogging post had some goals set out for the week that I was hoping to accomplish. I finished a few of those and was distracted by a few other side projects that proved to be equally as productive. So what did I not…

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Blogging the First Month-One Step at a Time

Interesting. No, that’s not the word I am looking for. What’s the word between happy to be starting a new adventure and frustrated with the kinks? Let’s go with blissfully baffled 😉 Blogging so far has reminded me of a road trip that I was really looking forward to. The kind where you only sort of have a plan on a few places you’d like to visit. Content Corner, Affiliate Ave, Publishing Place. Thus far, I haven’t had any flat tires but I certainly have hit a few potholes and…

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The Mess of Starting my Blog. My first Week Blogging

Oh bother! What a first week. Thank goodness for the content I wrote before going live. With all the time I have spent researching technical stuff, my writing time has been held hostage. I knew from day one when I had decided to start blogging, that I wanted to make a financial success of it. For me blogging means freedom from other’s and the ability to control my own success and failure. Writing stellar content that genuinely helps my audience requires time. This means that I will not be treating…

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9 Things I did before starting a Blog

9 Things I did Before Starting My Blog Sooo, I bit the bullet and started this blog. Let me tell you, my learning curve over the next few months is going to be epic. But my drive to become my own boss and break free of the daily grind is of Mount Everest heights with Hawaii views. My reasons for starting a blog will be an article all its’ own but let’s talk about nine things I did before I finally shot out of the cannon. #1. Hesitation. For as…

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