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19 Quotes to Make You Smile

Smile 🙂 I have never been one to walk around smiling for no reason so when I do, people are always asking, “What’s so funny? Or, What are you up to?”. I like to play pranks so I usually get a little chuckle out of the latter. Smiling is one of the greatest ways to put yourself in a good mood. One of those, fake it til it’s real kind of things. So when I am feeling like I need to force a smile because my day isn’t going the…

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Free 5 Day Challenge is Here-Love Your Life

Happy Thursday My Lucky Love Life Crew! Okay so I am a little enthusiastic. I am so excited about this 5 day challenge because I like to help people and I participated in something kind of like this back in 2007.  Also wrote about some of the content in my college thesis back in the day! I sincerely hope all of you who sign up get as much out of the exercises and actionable strategies as I did. In fact I hope you get so much more. I honestly believe…

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Affirmations and the Self Talk for Success

Self Talk for Success Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t say anything about yourself, that you don’t want to come true?“?  Affirmations, positive or negative take hold. I am a firm believer in the above statement, but that hasn’t always been the case. There was a time when I didn’t really give much thought to the things I said about myself or my life. It wasn’t like I was going around putting myself down on purpose. Nor was I speaking words of self affirmation either. Some children are raised…

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Motivated -Get a Move On Your Mojo

I’ve noticed something about motivated individuals. They usually exude a luck, and a positive force in their lives that some long for and dream about. Scraping up motivation is not always easy, especially if you’ve been anything but lucky. I guess it’s up to an individual to decide if they’ve had enough of negative or neutral. Do you have what it takes to kick it into overdrive and get to a new refreshing and positive place? Motivated individuals are rarely plagued by negative circumstances because they know how to put…

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Relationships and Why the Little Things Matter

Last Sunday I was sitting in church listening to the pastor. He was talking about the advice he gives to young people who are about to get married. He had the entire church laughing but in all honesty his advice was so valid. Love and the little things matter. Both in the negative and the positive. This applies whether you have been in a relationship nine months or nine years. There are always ways to strengthen any relationship. There are also a variety of ways to completely annihilate one. It…

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Advice-One Size Does Not Fit All- Luck, Life, and Love

Advice-One Size Does Not Fit All.  When I was younger I would flip through a magazine or read a blog article with a seriously puzzled look on my face. Honestly, I sometimes still do. The masses were certainly not writing relationship advice for small town rural America. All you country or small town girls know what I am talking about. There was and still is- a pretty big difference between dating in New York City and Casper, Wyoming. I would laugh and scratch my head when I was reading, “How…

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