Are you Lucky?

Are things going your way? Like really going your way? Or are you one of the people constantly asking why the odds are stacked against you? Does being lucky seem like something that only happens to other people?

Sometimes it seems that only certain people have the lucky Midas touch. That the rest of us are doomed for average or to be followed around by the Charlie Brown cloud.

Trust me, I am one of those people who was accused of having bad luck or none at all. And eventually, after other people had said it for so long, I bought into it too, which made my luck even worse.

It wasn’t until I went through a leadership and awareness seminar that I discovered what I had been doing to attract such circumstances and events into my life.

I learned a whole lot that year.

And friends, it doesn’t have to be this way! We can create and attract luck into our lives. And the truth is, Everyone has the ability to change their luck for the better when they truly decide that they have had enough of mediocrity or just plain bad luck.

Some refer to it as luck, manifesting, karma, gratitude, faith, and there are at least 20 other variations.

You Draw in What You Focus On

Really, are you telling me that I have been asking for all my bad luck? That’s ridiculous. Who would purposely ask for negative circumstances?

Well, if you are anything like me, you didn’t realize you were doing it.

Back when I was in high school and planning out my whole life I made a giant list of things I wanted to accomplish. When roadblocks came up, as they always do to everyone (yes even lucky people) I shifted my focus from what I wanted to what I didn’t want.

All the things I was trying to avoid were coming to me tenfold because I was largely focused on them instead of keeping the focus on what I wanted.

Focusing on what we don’t want keeps our thoughts negative. Focusing more on what we do want helps us lean more toward the positive. We in a sense, create our own luck and miracles starting with these beginning thoughts and attitudes.

Living a Lucky Life is Within Your Grasp

Being lucky makes life feel fun.

And if the choice is yours, why wouldn’t you choose the happier, luckier path?

Luck/Happiness, Prosperity

The sad thing is that many people don’t. Despite their cries for a better life, they insist on blaming bad luck and continuing to think that good luck is only for other people. If this is you, stop sabotaging yourself!

I think we all want the cosmos to line up perfectly and for things to fall into place.

  • The dress you have been eyeing all month is finally on sale and there is one left in your size. To top it off your sister sent you $25 in a card for your birthday so you almost have enough to splurge.
  • You are referred by a friend for a job that hasn’t yet been posted and it’s a major jumping point for you.
  • A bill arrives in the mail and it’s half the cost you originally thought it would be.
  • As you pull up to the drive-through of your favorite coffee shop, you’re told the person in front of you paid for your order.
  • It’s been raining all week but the day of your outdoor dinner party, the weather clears off hours before you need to set up.

Choices- Choose Lucky

And that’s a choice that we all have the power to make.

A few months ago a friend had bought me a few sessions to a new personal trainer in town. I loved it but knew I wouldn’t be able to afford to go back once my sessions expired. I tried to remain positive and be open to ideas and ways I might be able to keep going, even if only once in a while. Either way, I was very grateful for the few sessions I had. Low and behold, I won a drawing for 10 more free sessions less than three days after mine had expired. Jackpot!

We can’t always control every situation that comes up but we can choose the attitude of gratitude and keep drawing more positive our way until it feels less like work and more like the norm.

5 Ways to Increase Your Lucky Streak

The Attitude Of Gratitude: Yes I know, I know. Some people are sick of hearing about making gratitude lists. The first time I tried to make one it was pretty dang short. Afterall, my life was a bit of a chaotic mess, to say the least. The idea was to add three things a day for a solid month. Midway through week two, I was really struggling.

So I challenged my children to do one and guess what. They too struggled beyond the basic, “I’m thankful for my mom, my legs, cookies, and the nights I get to stay up past bedtime.” In an effort to change our taking life for granted attitude I used a tactic that really put things in perspective.

We watched a two hour documentary about children in Rwanda, Somalia, and the Congo. Our list making after watching this skyrocketed. I had everything from access to real healthcare to a can of mosquito spray on that list. My kids were in shock of how impoverished some places of the world are. Our idea of a struggle compared to theirs is very different. My son is grateful he doesn’t have to skip school to walk 30 miles a day to retrieve clean water for his family.

Thoughts and Feelings Matter

Have you ever heard that you are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with? Well, the same is true about other areas of your life. If you spend three hours a day watching soap operas, you’re more likely to draw in drama to your life. If you spend an hour a day in nature, well you are probably trying to relax and slow down your pace.

Negative in, negative out. Positive in, positive out.

Accepting responsibility for what has been happening to us can be a difficult task. We have to shift from victim mode where we believe these things have happened for no reason and we don’t deserve what has been going on, to “Oh, maybe my thoughts and choices have kept me from progressing. No, I don’t deserve this and I am going to do what’s necessary to change it from here on out.” We can’t prevent every bad circumstance but we can always choose how to react and how long to dwell in them.

We all know someone who cannot seem to stop complaining. How do you feel after spending time with them? Probably icky. Their negative vibe rubs off. Negativity and Positivity are contagious so decide which one you’d like to catch, and share, and aim for it daily.

Break Negative Habits

Humans are habitual creatures. Sadly, being negative comes more easily than being positive because it requires less energy.

Failing a test. Easy. Studying and getting a good grade. Harder. Eating potato chips and watching reruns. Easy. Working out for 30 mins to fit into that new dress. Harder. Staying in a job title or position that keeps the bills paid. Easy. Working for a promotion or switching careers for more fulfillment. Harder. Starting a new relationship when things got difficult. Easy. Staying and working through the challenges to create a stronger relationship. Harder.

Even when we desperately crave change, by default we resist and stay on autopilot. Positivity, motivation, and optimism are habits that have to be cultivated regularly to feel normal. Click To Tweet

I have always been a believer that actions speak louder than words and your actions should support your goals and ambitions. But when it comes to increasing your luck, your words, thoughts, and feelings speak WAY louder than your actions.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop will ensure that it does. You have to think, speak, feel, and act in a way that draws luck in your favor. Don’t let your thoughts repel good fortune. Make an effort to lift up your energy and you’ll attract more back to you.

Stop Overthinking

Overthinking is something we often do when we are trying to maintain control. What an illusion this is. This bad habit shows a lack of faith in yourself and what you deserve.

Overthinking is stressful and wrecks havoc on our emotions. You can read 7 tips on how to stop overthinking here.

One of the biggest problems with overthinking is that it nearly always focuses on what we should have done in the past, or what we need to do in the future.

If you want to change your luck and increase it, you need to focus on the now. Changing your attitude and feelings in the present will help align things in place so that you can receive lucky moments or opportunities in the near future.

I am not asking you to make light of all the bad circumstances in your life. Just look for the silver linings and if there aren’t any to be found right now, focus on something else in your life. If you feel pushed to force good emotions, your thoughts will not be aligned and you will only draw more bad luck. The universe is funny that way. You can’t really fool it or fake it.

This is why gratitude lists can start the steam for your engine. There are plenty of things that aren’t going right, but what about the multitude of things that are. When you think about the good things, your feelings are more likely to be positive and feeling positive always feels better than feeling negative right?

Oddly enough, it is a choice and it’s one so many people struggle with. Choosing optimism. And the more we do it the better we get at it. I promise.


This is something I have mentioned before and I’m going to do it again because I have found it to be so relevant in many areas of trying to make a better life.

Clutter is a buzzkill to being lucky.

Having too much stuff is overwhelming. What’s worse is the process of work and time we take away from our families to accumulate all the stuff. How many people have more clothes than they need? Cars, toys, magazine subscriptions etc. This list goes on. And then you need a place to put it all.

I am always shocked when I meet people with a house full of stuff, every closet filled to the brim, and then find out they have a storage unit too.

There is nothing wrong with having some nice things but physical stuff is not what life is about and it screws up our perspective.

The accumulation of many, many things is often a sign of someone who was trying to fill an emotional void with possessions. I challenge you to take a vacation or sign up for a new class versus buying something physical.

Choose to spend on something that creates a positive memory. This will without a doubt increase your positive emotions thus increasing your ability to attract lucky circumstances.

I hope these help with your ambitions to become a lucky, happier version of yourself. Please share some of your luckiest moments below!


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