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Give Your Dreams a Chance To Succeed

Don’t Deny Your Dreams a Chance at Success  Remember the hopes and dreams, the things that got us real excited?       Once upon a time there was a young girl. She was planning her future and all she would be, do, and accomplish in her lifetime. In second grade she wanted to be a rock star, no kids, no husband (ewe) and live in her mansion with her dog Marvin. In fifth grade she wanted to be a gymnastics teacher. And in eighth grade she was settling in to…

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How to Make Multiple Pinterest Images for Same Article

Pinterest Images Pinterest is a powerhouse for anyone wanting to grow a blog. Images on pinterest should be clear, relevant and pinnable. But when you are first starting out, how do you know what your readers or ideal audience will pin and share versus what they won’t? Well you can create more than one pin for the same article. For those who are brand newish to blogging let me explain. You don’t have to put all of these images into your post. I normally only include one or two images…

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Staying Positive When Life Just Sucks

We all have days when life is just harder than other days. Sometimes weeks or months even. Is it difficult to stay positive when life is squeezing lemonade in your eye? Yep. We have already discussed that being negative is easy and being positive requires a bit more effort. So the easy way out is to call in sick, turn on netflix, grab a bag of popcorn, and let the couch swallow you. The maybe, kinda, sort of , trying method is to put one foot in front of the…

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Overthinking and 7 Ways to Change It

I believe that overthinking and negativity are like a bad hand of aces and eights. The Odds Overthinking has been an achilles heel for me many times in the past. Maybe it’s a girl thing or maybe it was just my thing…nah way to many people engage in overthinking for it to be just me 🙂 People like to be in control and most of life cannot be controlled. Trust me, if I could choose the weather I wouldn’t have spent half this softball season bundled up next to my…

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The Real Cost of Starting a Blog

Some Blog Basics Hey Y’all, Hope everyone is having a great Thursday morning with some awesome weekend plans! I have softball divisionals so I’m hoping it’s nice enough for sunscreen. Love the smell of my Austrailian Gold sunscreen.  Tropical Yum 🙂 So you are thinking about starting a blog or perhaps you have just launched one recently? If you are mulling it over please read 9 things I did before starting a blog. Just a quick read to help you make a decision. And my 4 myths about blogging helps people leap over some…

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Free 5 Day Challenge is Here-Love Your Life

Happy Thursday My Lucky Love Life Crew! Okay so I am a little enthusiastic. I am so excited about this 5 day challenge because I like to help people and I participated in something kind of like this back in 2007.  Also wrote about some of the content in my college thesis back in the day! I sincerely hope all of you who sign up get as much out of the exercises and actionable strategies as I did. In fact I hope you get so much more. I honestly believe…

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Sneak Peek-The Negative Nix/Positive Pump Challenge

Today is going to be Awesome. I am Positive of it. Why? Because today is the day I make even more progress toward my goals. A few in particular that I am working extra hard on. I am not worried about tomorrow, a week from now, or a year from now. Just focusing on what steps I can take right now, today, in an effort to contribute to what I am trying to achieve. This fine Monday,  I decided to share a sneak peek at my Negative Nix/Positive Pump challenge…

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A Blog In Bloom-Planting Success

Starting Month Two So I am starting my second month of blogging and what an adventure! I kinda compare blogging to gardening. Starting the blog is like planting a seed and all the things you do in the beginning are prepping it for serious growth. My last blogging post had some goals set out for the week that I was hoping to accomplish. I finished a few of those and was distracted by a few other side projects that proved to be equally as productive. So what did I not…

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Motivated -Get a Move On Your Mojo

I’ve noticed something about motivated individuals. They usually exude a luck, and a positive force in their lives that some long for and dream about. Scraping up motivation is not always easy, especially if you’ve been anything but lucky. I guess it’s up to an individual to decide if they’ve had enough of negative or neutral. Do you have what it takes to kick it into overdrive and get to a new refreshing and positive place? Motivated individuals are rarely plagued by negative circumstances because they know how to put…

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