The Law Works If You Let It

I don’t know about you but I am certainly guilty of getting in my own way now and again. Worry, doubt, confusion, stress: These emotions block the things we’d really like to have in our lives from showing up. We send the Universe mixed signals and we get our intentions skewed. If you missed part one of this article please click here to get up to speed.

Enter the next law.

The Law of Allowing

This one is a doozy. In the easiest terms I can think of, it means don’t resist what you don’t agree with. This is a real humdinger because just as we are allowed to forge our own path, so is everyone else. Politics is a good example here. Just because you do not agree with someone does not mean you should oppose them. Opposition means you are actively engaging in negative thinking and emotions. You allow your opposing views to create negative emotions within you. Sure some of their choices might affect some aspects of your life but only to a small degree.

This is that saying that states: You may not be able to control what happens but you can control your attitude about it.

So if you do not like who is elected you can choose to be negative, pouty, and condescending toward that party or those who don’t agree with you, always engaging in controversy…or you could continue on your path of goodness influencing your own life and the lives directly around you which will always have a more positive and meaningful impact.

You can have whatever experience you desire regardless of what others are creating. There is no limit to abundance or fortune in the eyes of the Universe. Click To Tweet

Further, by focusing on fighting everyone and everything you don’t agree with, you are actually empowering it and attracting more of it into your experience. Remember that whatever you focus your attention on grows, whether you are desiring it or resisting it. By focusing your attention on the opposite thing of what you want to create, you’re enforcing in motion an opposing force that prevents the thing that you wish to create from coming towards you.

Remember that whatever you focus your attention on grows, whether you are desiring it or resisting it. Click To Tweet

Whenever you feel resistance, doubt or a need to protest, you know you are not aligned with the Law of Allowing. When you are aligned properly life will feel good and you will have better emotions regardless of anything that is happening around you.

How to Make the Law of Attraction Work for You

You undoubtedly were taught that to get any results in life you needed to work hard and take action. That nothing in this life would be handed to you and only the fittest come out ahead while so many struggle.

Can you please open your mind to another alternative. If you want the Law to work for you, you’re going to have to flush this idea down the toilet.

Yes, hard work is important and has a place in our lives. But the intention behind the work matters more than the work itself. People who volunteer on a regular basis know what I mean. The work feels less like work because we are doing it out of goodwill or desire. Working hard out of desperation or greed will ruin you and your intentions. You’ll likely stay behind living paycheck-to-paycheck forever.

Unlike most people who will tell you it’s a three-step process, I’m going to tell you it is four. Ask, Believe, Receive is not as easy as 1,2,3. But it is not as difficult as one might think if they are open to shifting their mindset.

  1. You ask the Universe to create your desired reality
  2. You Believe that you Deserve what you have asked for.
  3. Set small steps in motion to support what you have asked for.
  4. You receive the creation into your life.

 Asking the Universe

So how do you ask? Well you should be specific. Vague asking will get you vague answers. This is why people expand on dream boards to include journals or very specific lists of what they want. Some people choose to meditate and focus on their desires for a certain amount of time every day. I’m not sure the method matters as much as the intention.

You need to want something enough that it stirs positive emotions within you. Remember don’t focus on what you don’t want or are trying to avoid, focus on the desired outcome.

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An effective way to launch a desire is to visualize it. Make a detailed image in your mind of you living your desired reality. Imagine that you’re already there and make your dream as lively as possible. Feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, touch it, like it’s already yours. You’ll hear the term vibration thrown around when learning about the Law of Attraction. When you are visualizing and feeling the way you would as if you already have that which is desired, you are vibrating at a high level which will bring what you want faster.

Journaling in addition to meditation can be very effective. Some people are great at describing details on paper.

Believe You Deserve It

This will be a major hurdle for some. That whole “life is difficult and that’s just the way it is” or “good things don’t happen to me. If I didn’t have bad luck I wouldn’t have any at all.” Yeah, time to ditch that mindset, like pronto.

We all deserve miracles on a regular basis. The Universe is not short on goods and wants to deliver. But you have to believe you deserve it. Count how many times I have mentioned the fact that emotions and thoughts matter more than actions.

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It will not matter what you ask for or how, if inside your head, you doubt and undermine your own intentions. Maybe your self-esteem needs some love, you can read about that here. Maybe you just need practice. When I first started, and still to this day, I listen to positive affirmations with a set of headphones as I drift off to sleep. This is just reinforcement while I sleep. Subliminal programming to the subconscious if you will and let me tell you first hand, it works if you stick with it.

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Act on Your Intentions

Some LOA so-called experts will tell you to just let go and leave the rest to the Universe.

This can be true if what you want is out of desperation. Because remember desperation is a sense of lacking and that will send mixed signals. So if you want something that creates emotional havoc inside you, then indeed you need to let go.

But let us say you want to take a vacation. Aruba. Sand, Sun, Cabanas, Exotic Fish, Perfect Bikini, etc. Girl get specific!

This is where I want you to take some action. Price out tickets. Look for the exact hotel. Plan out some kind of itinerary. You don’t have to know how you are going to pay for this or how you will get the time off work. Not yet. Leave that to the Universe but set your actions and emotions on the FACT that you ARE going on this trip.

Be Specific, Not Demanding

Do not issue the Universe a time or schedule. Let this happen on its own. Sure you can have a garage sale and put the proceeds toward your fund. But don’t exhaust yourself with overtime and get sick working yourself to the bone. Remember, intentions people. (click for tips to increase your luck) What you do, you must do out of joy, not desperation. You’ll be excited to clean out the garage after you have picked out the perfect spot and envisioned yourself sitting on that cozy cabana being pampered and relaxed!

Want a new job? Start cruising job boards or spending time with people who are in the industry you wish to enter. Inspired action people!

The Universe will start shifting and moving energies and events so that your desire can come into being. But most of it will be below the surface or out of your sight. Don’t try to control. You don’t need to know the how or when- just let it come. The better you get at this, the faster your manifestations and dreams will arrive.

The best way to do this is to get into a mindset of gratitude. Be grateful for exactly where you are and what you have right now, and be grateful for what you are about to receive. Expressing gratitude in advance for something you don’t have any physical proof of yet is the ultimate act of faith and opens the gates to receiving it.

Receiving Your Desires

Depending on the nature of the desire, this may be a multi-step process. Learn to see and be grateful along the way. For example, you asked for a specific job opportunity, the way you receive it may be in a series of smaller steps. You may get a call to do an interview for another job that prepares you for the job you desire, or you may get an opportunity to meet with someone that has connections to the desired job. You may not recognize the opportunities that lead to your manifestation coming to reality so you have to trust the process and be grateful along the way.

To be able to receive your desired reality, you have to let go of limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck at a vibrational level that is not in tune with the energy of your desired reality. There is no room for self-doubt if you want to master your own path. You need to cultivate the space for good things to come and that starts with gratitude, positive thinking, and rewiring your thoughts and emotions to reach the best vibration possible.

You need to become that person that is living your desired reality and you need to start envisioning yourself that way. This is why people meditate which is just an adult word for pretending. Kids are great at it, but adults usually lose their way. Envision what you want with detail and as time goes on add to it. Use your senses.The more you visualize it, the easier it will become to believe it is possible, and your vibration, belief, and emotions will line up and deliver.

Some people refer to this as fake it till you make it. This process will feel strange, maybe even silly when you first start but to hold the key to powerful change in your life and not ever turn it in the lock because you are afraid of feeling silly is plain ridiculous. Like I said, this has been one of the most rewarding adventures that I have ever invested time in.

I deserve a great life. You deserve a great life. And if you master your emotions, thoughts, and intentions, the Universe will deliver in pretty spectacular fashion.



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